Fincy Pierre

Fincy Pierre



Jean Fincy Pierre (Fincy Pierre) is the founder of Balistrad.

I sarted experimenting since my teens through community activities. My work focused on youth integration and children’s rights.

For years, I have embarked on this fight : working for a stronger Haiti, empowering people, changing lives, transforming communities. I am touched by the will for capacity building.

I founded on February 11, 2018, a media platform that’s committed to publishing useful information for the benefit of Haitian society. We are looking for financial support to allow the media to be more intense about the services we offer. We want to integrate into video content, short documentaries on brilliant stories of Haitian social life. We want to revolutionize the way of informing in the Haitian press. We have dared and we want to continue to dare.

I founded several associations for different social reasons.

I worked in the digital marketing sector for public figures and companies in the branding and optimization of social media accounts.
I worked in the trade sector as a marketing agent.
I worked for 5 years in education.

I did my university studies in Management at Quisqueya University, …

Skilled in non-profit organizations, Digital Media Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Leadership, Graphic Design, Management and Children’s Rights…

Have a story idea or just want to say hello? You can email Fincy at or connect with him on Facebook and Twitter.